I used to be a big fan of magic. An ordinary kid in the audience who would be amazed by anything happened between a magician's hands. When I was 16, a friend, Emerson, performed ¡§the unbreakable match¡¨ and showed me the possibility that I could do the same thing I have admired magicians doing for ages. That is the moment to remember. That is the moment I step into this world of magic.

With Emerson, we started a magic club in high school, Conclave. Our early source of intelligence was not fellow magicians or mentors, but instead, the 8 volumes of Tarbell Course in Magic. For a 16 year old kid who just started magic, the material from Tarbell was more than I could digest. Step by step, through books, local magicians, and online material, I began to realize a dream that is heading my way.

Early stage of my magic focused on close-up with cards. It was easier to practice, and easier to play with during classes. With countless hours of practice on sleight of hand, the name Andost became widely known in many local university magic clubs. At an age of 18, stepping into college life, my focus shifted to stage performance. Joining various magic conventions, I broaden my views, stretched my imagination, and realized my path to success. In 2003, I started joining stage competitions in magic conventions trying to display my talent in front of the world.

With my first major award in 2006 International Battle of Magicians, I have realized my dream coming true.